Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fast RMI Editor Tutorial.

This is a Quick Tutorial por perform easily Java RMI Aplication, for developing our first example we will use Fast RMI Editor created by Moderador.
When we start the RMI App, We press CTRL + H , then it will appear the main Interfaces Panel the Methods 'Hola Mundo'.
This methods will be shared by the main server and each client that wants to execute some service that it is running on the server.
Later We Press F9 and the APP Generates 3 Folders ; Servidor , Cliente and All, in 'All' Folder we can find all the classes; Server and Client Classes, well, Before, we will need to compile the generated class with javac compiler or GCJ if we would use Linux Java Compiler.
The Class must be Implemented; it has a methods named 'HolaMundo' this methods does not return any value bat print in the Consola Server's the Message sended by each Client.
We must Compile the classes using the bashes generated, frist we run 'compilar.bat' whe classes are generated, we start 'init.bat' bash, later we Init the 'Servidor.bat' and finally we can start the 'client.bat'.
dedicated by Fabio's Friends.

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